Good or bad?


Big changes are happening in the real-estate and virtual tour market, with more an more customers opening up to the possibilities provided by companies such as Tactus 360. We have no doubts that ours is not the first port of call for a majority of clients.




It worries us, however, that there are many firms out there claiming to produce virtual reality tours, but who use the poor equipment and the minimum of time in their creation. We hope that the following will help you decide why Tactus 360 is your only option . . .

Like so many companies, we want to make a profit, but not at the expense of quality, which we believe comes above all other considerations. For some companies, wanting to shoot and process images as quickly as possible, results are far from acceptable. We use only high-quality equipment and care is taken during the post-processing to ensure that you get crystal-clear, high definition results.


We have no bad examples of our work, but are happy to reproduce the sorts of practices we have seen on some of our competitors' websites. Take, for instance, the image below. What you see here is a standard high-definition image. It is clear and well-balanced in terms of the room's varying degrees of light. Click on the "low-definition" button in the bottom left of the panorama and the result is a crude attempt at a panorama, taken with a one-shot lens. Detail is missing and, to make the best of a bad image, the initial field of view has had to be increased to try to make the image sharper. Similarly, such situations require the zoom to be restricted, although here, we have left it so that the two can be compared (just use CTRL and Shift on your keyboard). Although quick to load, the low-resolution image says little of the sort of quality this particular customer was trying to demonstrate. Fortunately, images like this do say a lot of the sort of practices we try to discourage.


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Dos and Don'ts


  • Do ask to see examples of a company's work and compare them with other tours on the Internet
  • Do ask about website integration, company logo integration
  • Ask what optional extras are included free and which are not
  • Do ask about equipment
  • Don't let yourself be blinded by science - always ask what is meant
  • Don't agree to anything until you have considered every option
  • Don't think that saving money through a cheaper company is the best solution


All in all, you will get what you pay for. This is why Tactus 360 offers you the best solution to your virtual tour needs!


Contact us for an informal quote - you will be surprised at how this can help you decide.