Quality does not have to be expensive


You will be surprised at how affordable our future-proof, High-Definition 360° Virtual Tours can be. Our basic package includes many extras which other companies charge for separately, but we consider necessary in a quality product. Besides, a high-quality Virtual Tour pays for itself within a very short period.


What we offer


  • Free, non-binding quotes
  • Free logo integraton
  • Free HDR photography
  • Free website integration
  • A range of inexpensive optional extras

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    Please send us your requirements using the form below, including any optional extras you are interested in. We will send you a free detailed quote as soon as possible, usually on the same day. Alternatively, you can send us an email to info@tactus360.com

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    All orders consist of an initial booking fee to which you can add your required services from the list below. For more information on each item please visit our services page.


    When making an enquiry, please specify your location in order for us to give you an exact quote.


    Volume discounts available on request


    Virtual Images


    • 360° x 180° HDR virtual images
    • 360° HDR virtual panoramas


    optional extras


    • digital retouching
    • 2D interactive floorplans

      from existing images or plans

      custom designed

    • 3D interactive floorplans
    • hotspots

      extra hotspots (icons)

    • information panels

      extra information panels

      extra interactive images

    • audio


      directional sound


    included with all our virtual images

    FREE logo integration
    FREE website integration
    FREE 1 year hosting

    FREE "unwrapped" panoramas or 360° x 180° HDR images *

    * such as the images on top of our pages

    Still Images


    • HDR partial panoramas
    • HDR standard images
    • digital retouching
    • photographic prints

    Website & Graphic Design


    • logo & graphic design
    • complete custom website
    • content management
    • e-commerce


    Included with all our websites


    FREE 1 year domain registration

    FREE 1 year hosting

    For more information visit Tactus Design