Recent Projects


A picture is worth...


The following, taken in a variety of situations, give you an understanding not only of the quality, but the range and nature of our work. Just click on the images and these will open a new window that will display either a Virtual Tour or single Immersive Image.



Oddentunet i Os (Full VR Tour)


Oddentunet i Os



Commissioned by the Nord-Østerdal Museum, this 10-image tour visits Oddentunet, a rich farmhouse that was abandoned in the 1970s complete with all its contents. Now a part of the museum, it provides a glimpse of how wealthy people lived in the 19th century with some beautifully furnished rooms and a collection of artifacts that provide a history of a family home over some 200 years. Shot in HDR, this collection is the first part of a planned series of such tours for the museum.


Per Lysgaard - Keramikk (Full VR Tour)


Per Lysgaard - Keramikk


A small virtual tour of renowned sculpturer Per Lysgaard's gallery in Røros, Norway. Presented in full HDR imaging, these four images demonstrate allow the viewer to take in Per's fantasy world and enjoy his gallery, as do some 60,000 annual visitors.


Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden (Full VR Tour)


Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden


A nine-image virtual tour in multi-resolution format of the cathedral church in Uppsala, Sweden, re-processed with new programs to provide crystal-clear imagery and the best HDR imaging. The main tour, found on our static website provides also multi resolution imagery that allows the computer to decide which is the best resolution for the user's monitor, and then proceeds to load higher-resolution images as the image is enlarged. This allows for a much higher level of detail at increasingly narrower fields of view.


Stockholm, Sweden (Mini VR Tour)


Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden


A short wander around Stockholm's Gamla Stan, beginning at the famous Katarinahissen (Katarina lift) in Södermalm, and finishing in the oldest part of the city, which includes its Royal Palaces and some busy, but interesting street scenes!


Per Sverre Dahl (Mini VR Tour)


Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden


Welcome to the fantasy world of sculpturer Per Sverre Dahl, whose gallery in Røros, Norway, depicts not only his renditions of popular characters from local fiction, but also others, known to perhaps a wider audience. Consisting of four images, we visit the old farm buildings from his bygård or town farm - a favourite with visitors to this World Heritage Centre.